Operating System Design

We guide to adaptivity from the organization scale all the way down deep into the details of configuring specific tools.

Full scale systemic analysis and design of an organization’s operating model, from top level goals and leadership to deep implementation details.

Operating System Design


Operating System Design is whole-cloth organizational change that emphasizes moving toward a connected, adaptive value-creating operation.

Operating System Design takes the broadest view of an organization's operating model and redesigns it from the ground up. It is the most massive undertaking in our service portfolio and involves elements of each other service, usually deployed with long-term value creation in mind. Operating System Design guides an organization from a piecemeal, built-as-its-flying operation to a considered system suited for the complexity of today and adaptive for the unknown of the future.


Organizations should consider full scale Operating System Design when they find that lead times have stretched to months, when employee job satisfaction is dropping, when maintenance & overhead activity are dragging on value-creation activity, when incentives are unclear, when value-created is unclear, and when things just seem murky and messy.


The outcomes of a full scale Operating System Design can vary based on each organization's need and scale. Across all organization, however, things move toward a state of greater value flow measured in reduced lead times, higher percent complete & accurate work, shorter time-to-feedback, and high generation of ideas, experiments, and trust among employees. All of this adds up to an operating system that is more effective at delivering business value with less overhead over time.

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