Team Design

We guide to adaptivity from the organization scale all the way down deep into the details of configuring specific tools.

Team scale operating system design focused on guiding a team to autonomous value-creation

Team Design


Team Design is the end-to-end consideration of how a team operates, documents, evaluates, and ships its work.

Organizations spend a lot of time deciding what priorities should get funding, who should work on those priorities, and what sorts of results they hope to get from their investments. But often very little attention is paid to the small details about how the teams assembled will work. Team Design brings intention to how a group operates to achieve its strategies and priorities through explicit documentation, facilitation, and matching operational method to the team's context and goals.


The contexts in which Team Design is a useful service to consider is when a goal or problem-to-solve is clear, but a team needs to be assembled. It is also useful when a group has been brought together but they aren't functioning sustainably or reliably yet. It can be used to level up existing teams or design wholly new ones. Teams that are missing delivery dates, bleeding talent, experiencing slippage, operating according to unclear goals & measures all benefit from team design.


The outcomes of team design work are both functional and experiential. People outside the team will more clearly understand the work of the team through explicit documentation & chartering, clear operating rhythms, performance dashboards and live reporting, investment performance updates, and sharing of experimental results. People on the team will create role clarity, reduced cognitive load through operationalized work patterns, increased bonding and satisfaction through discipline, and general performance improvement.

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